McCleary's Alternatives


I’m in practice for something, already well practiced as
Poète maudit. It’s quite becoming my role, though
In this age of declension no need to suck wounds,
Moan and protest it’s the public is after my blood.
I haven’t been chasing whores around Rome, notes and
Records gone missing. There’s more than one kind of whore
And not every theft gets seen to be caught out red-handed
Meaning: I can’t hope to snatch back the time, effort and
Almost the virtue lost in pursuit of my rights to a voice
And proper vocation. For this one is left to pursue the trash
Of Sydney and London, often women – ‘Brides of Art’
Some might say – though just for good measure, throw in
Occasional unctuous males, pimps to the poncey
Publishing show. And that’s an empousa [1] it’s clear
Wouldn’t have me in print whether…

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