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[The imagined setting of this poem is obviously England, the setting of Matthew Arnold’s original Dover Beach, but the symbolic range and topical application is wider]


The grey whale changes hemisphere to go
Like Jonah’s fish towards the coast of Joppa.[1]
But otherwise and elsewhere pods have beached
And dolphins died in struggle with the nets
While fish by shoals and millions wash ashore
The brine no cover to their stench of death.

These are the signs symbolic of an era’s end.

The last degree, the anaretic, gains in power
Two fish so long opposed now drift apart [2]
They lose their will, they know their time is short
The current sees them fall away, the surge
Rolls higher with each speeding year.
No Trojan horse will now make cities fall
Lies as of the luring Lorelei suffice
The sense of boundary and of barrier is…

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Doomed by a 12th House Stellium? Think Again!

encouraging since I have Chiron in the 12 house in Pisces!

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©11-3-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

As I was putting the final touches on my new book on stelliums, I came across a mind-boggling example. As you’ll see in the chart below, this man has a stellium of five planets in the 12th house, including Uranus, Neptune, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Looking at a combination like that, what do you think an astrologer would have told his mother about his birth chart?

 Oh, incidentally, this fellow was born with all his arms and legs missing. So you could say he is both astrologically and physically challenged.

Here are some of the disheartening things you might hear about his 12th house planets if you listened to a traditional fatalistic, negative astrologer:

  •  With Uranus there, he’d be unconventional and rebellious in a self-defeating way.
  • With the Sun there, he’d lack self-confidence and never get to truly shine.
  • With Mercury there, he might…

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