A Young Christmas Artist

children’s eyes see the truth!

Kilroy Was Here...

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

When my granddaughter, Serraya, drew this Christmas picture, I considered it a childish piece of art…until I looked more closely. She sketched it while at the 2013 Christmas cantata at the Baptist church. Until recently, I thought it to be rather disrespectful to doodle or otherwise write notes in  a house of worship. Here’s what my critical eye discovered about this artist’s work:


Bulbs are hung on the boughs with care, and on the top is a star, but not just any five-pointed star. Instead, this tree is topped with a Star-of-David. Interesting. With the eye moving to the right, a big lion is obvious, but not just any lion. Could this artist have created the Lion of Judah? And what about the eyes? In each of the…

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McCleary's Alternatives

THE MAGI AT ERA’S END: A POEM  (followed by a feature indicating how its information is true and still works vividly today)

Tzedek, great lord of liberty and righteousness
With Shabtai symbol of the Sabbath rest
Serene across the desert plains you once rose
Not as prodigy yet bearer of high mysteries, [1]
Even limitless, with secrets to unsettle kings
And mark beginnings of an age
Now entered on its anguished end.

Magi who fled into the night, of all
You witnessed and declared you left no trace
Except what was enshrined in precious gifts.
Gold was a royal sun and bright divinity,
Myrrh was your Shabtai, Saturn of burial,
Endings and the God of Law, while Frankincense
Was Jupiter for the priestly chosen one. [2]

Inside degrees stargazers of the Gentile
Lands attributed to Israel, two stars
Conjoined as sign the One of Ancient Days
Had sent and blessed the filial messenger.
They shone…

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