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[ Below is the poem promised for September in my Rilke feature of last May on  the twin McCleary’s Alternatives site at  As said, when composing this I had Goethe’s Prometheus in mind, but the resulting simple lyric has more affinities to early Rilke. Like almost all poems this one can be read more than one way – someone has already done that – but I am publishing this on what I  always insist is the true Christmas (September 15th  – see notes to The Magi at Era’s End at  It could almost therefore be taken as an alternative Christmas carol.  Also this month over at my main Alternatives blog, you can read the more complex Under Parnassus poem,  a re-visioning or critique of ideas in Yeats’ celebrated Under Ben Bulben.  ]



The better to support this light
Bespeaking visions of pure clarity
The azure of the firmament
Spreads like a carpet or a floor
Where carefully I might tread
Sometime….but not today.

You can and…

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